Be who you are. Who you have always been.
Don’t try to hide away the parts of you that you’ve
deemed ugly or un-pleasing.
Because the right person will come to deeply
know all of your flaws and still love you
Because that’s what it means to love. You do it
without condition. You take the good with the bad.
And you know better than to think you can find
someone who is flawless.
The truth is, those flaws are sometimes the most
intriguingly beautiful parts of us.
So find someone who knows your flaws and still
chooses to love you.
Someone who has accepted that no matter how
much time you give yourself, you will always be
late. For everything. For dates, for work, for
birthday celebrations, for flights, and most
definitely for your wedding day. Because you run
on your own time, and they’d much rather you
arrive late than never.
Someone who knows to cook or order extra even
when you say you’re not hungry. Because without
fail, you’ll be reaching over to their plate and
munching away at their food.
Find someone who doesn’t get too mad at you
when you spend your entire pay check on new
clothes, when the both of you promised you’d start
saving for your future together. Because we all
have weaknesses, and they could never stay angry
at you for more than a moment.
Someone who forgives you when you go out and
get a little too drunk. For anything silly you might
say or do under the influence; and of course, for all
the times they’ve had to soothe you while you’re
throwing up.
Someone who takes all of your nagging, because
they know it’s coming from a good place, even if
it’s damn annoying.
Find someone who knows better than to try to get
you to open up and spill your feelings, when
you’re in a bad mood and you’re simply not ready
to. Someone who knows to let you mope around,
with your own thoughts as company.
Someone who sees the slightly jealous streak that
appears within you every now and then, and how
your past experiences have made it hard for you to
trust anybody. So they make it clear how much
they love you, how committed they are, and how
they’re not interested in anybody else. They don’t
mind telling you where they’re going or what
they’re doing or who they’re with, as long as your
mind is at ease.
Someone who doesn’t resent you when you give
them the silent treatment. Because they know
you’re not doing it to be hurtful. They know you’re
simply too upset right now to get any words out.
And you’ll come to them when you’re ready.
Find someone who lives with your messiness. The
way half of your closet always ends up strewn all
over the floor, how you’re somehow unable to tidy
up after yourself, leaving a storm trail behind
wherever you go.
Someone who understands why you struggle to
say good things to yourself.
Someone who gets why you question and criticize
your appearance, and guilt-trip yourself for eating
any kind of junk food. Because they know that
someone along the way has made you feel like
you’re not good enough, and they know it’s going
to take a long time for you to finally learn to love
who you are.
But they’ve got time. They’ve got all the time in
the world for you.
Find someone who knows that you’re not
perfect, and they’re not looking for perfect
And when you’re lucky enough to find someone
who falls in love with your flaws, never let them