I travel in direction to my future,
tracking ways without goals.
I search the road to my culture,
deep inside of my soul.
A bridge too far.
where I must cross to reach
the perfect time of my destiny.
A bridge too far and by my side
only the courage that hides
my endless trip.
I’m still learning
that beauty blooms
in the darkest of places,
like the flower whose roots
grab hold of the soil
deep underneath the ground,
yes, I will rise
like the stem,
and open my petals to the sky.
To be lost is nothing to fear,
you are just spinning, gliding, flying
into free fall. Waiting
for the moment when your wings
detach from your sides, catch
the wind underneath their feathers
like sails. Then you learn to flow
with the change of the breeze,
learn to find your rhythm
in the wake of change
with each flap, each shift,
each breath.
To be lost is nothing to fear,
for everything that is lost
is on the path to being found.
And you, my darling, have wings.
You are not the only one who feels this way,
who walks with tender steps, too afraid to
be led
down a path that will take you farther from
But home is not one place, never has been.
Home is everywhere your feet have
every place where you have laughed or
drank or slept
or kissed. Home is in the faces of the ones
you love.
Home is the hearts beating in their chests,
calling for you
to return again. Home is wherever you
claim it as your own.
And so you are never lost, just wandering.
Finding, rediscovering,
claiming all the places you now belong. And
always will.
I’m lost,
Lost in this funny thing called life,
I’m lost,
Lost in the darkness I call my mind,
I’m lost,
Lost with no one to save me,
I’m lost,
And I shall never be free.
I’m lost,
but I’m always dreaming,
I’m lost,
I have no sense of feeling,
I’m lost,
trapped within my mind,
I’m lost,
and I can never leave.
I’m lost,
won’t someone try to help me?
I’m lost,
can’t people see?
I’m lost,
maybe I’m not meant to ever be free,
I’m lost,
and for an eternity, I suppose I will be,
I’m lost,
for no one can ever free me.
I’m cold and lost in the dark
I’m in a big open park
As I walk I wonder of where to go
This is a place I don’t know
There’s no one around
Not even a single sound
A tear hit my eye
When I looked up to the starry star
Which way? ⬅left OR right➡
The street lamp gave me some light
So I went right and struggled through my
I was scared of conquering my fears
No street signs to find my way
I don’t know what I can do or say
Meanwhile I headed down a long path
across that carried on
It was a very narrow road that seemed
deserted, everything and everyone was
I saw a street sign saying where my street is
My tummy was filled with butterflies as it
started to fizz
My hands were cold like ice
I asked someone and they told me
directions and I thought to myself that was
really nice
I ran so fast
At last
I happy that I could just breathe
Never going to leave
I was lost for a long time in the dark
Being lost made me so clueless with a big
question mark…?
For now I know I want to keep safe and I’ll
remember that day I said I’m lost
Because you don’t know what’s coming
around the bend when your life has so
much cost.
My eyes are red.
My ribs are cracked.
My lips are bruised.
My soul is sleepy.
My hands are weak.
My legs are numb.
My lungs ache
with each lonely breath.
My poor heart is tired.
Yet it keeps on beating.
And so I will follow its rhythm,
let it guide me home.
Life won’t always be like this, a mess
of colors of choices of decisions
you’re too afraid to make. Your body
won’t always feel like this, a collection
of fears of thoughts of memories
mixing together in the folds of your mind.
You are a person, a soul, a creation
made of muscles and matter that are
than you could ever imagine.
Rest your worried head on my shoulder.
Close your eyes and breathe deeply, in out.
Remember everything is temporary—
and you won’t always feel like this.