When you have had a gift of living for a good number of years,you will certainly have some broken pieces in your life.

The truth is we are all a little bit broken.

This truth is more emphasised especially if our career involves a lot of travel to new and exciting places throughout the year,but sadly with no one to share exciting moments with,because the truth is,we travel alone,with no one special in our life to extend our invitations.

The days are filled with excitement,but the evenings are filled with longing of assembling back together the broken pieces of our life in musings before sleep.

We long for company to share these special moments with,but the only company we have at these moments is ourselves.

We must therefore learn to love the broken pieces of ourselves—be gentle and empathetic with ourselves, and others who don’t see anything to love in a broken man.

I always loved nature, and being immersed in it makes me feel so calm.

Life becomes simple and easy in these moments and it is okay to be me.

Long ago,at the formative years of life,I wanted to be someone who was
noticed, praised, respected, and looked
up to. I wanted to be special.

The passage of years has mellowed that perspective into a kind of reality that has let me know that the most important thing in life is to develop self confidence that makes you look up to your inner self for solutions{and self-validation} to your every day problems.

One day after long days of travelling, I sat on a big, cold stone on the beach next to Lake Naivasha and watched as the waves lapped upon the shore.

To my right, there were swans and ducks
floating on the water.

The swans were graceful and beautiful as they glided along the shoreline, and the ducks were being their usual kooky selves.

It has always made me laugh to watch ducks dive underwater, kick their webbed feet in the air, and wag their feathered bums back and forth. They were so natural, so unaware of my presence, so carefree.

I admired them for their untroubled
lives and yearned for what they had—the
complete and total lack of care for what
I thought of them.

But now, sitting next to the vast open water under the clear skies and watching as the waves slowly rolled up and receded, breathing in the fresh air, I realised this was the most content and peaceful I’d felt in weeks.

I knew in that moment that I would have to make a choice about finding peace and self acceptance in my broken life.

The ducks didn’t need anyone to tell them that they were good enough.

I decided that I would much rather be a
duck with ruffled feathers and happy with myself than someone constantly striving and working toward validation from others, which was how I have always felt when riding through the rough patches in my life.

The best and most fulfilling realisation
came to me that day on the beach. I
didn’t have to earn the right to be
deemed good enough. I didn’t have to
work for it. I didn’t have to do a song
and dance to prove I was worthy.

The truth is there will always be judgment in life.

There will always be someone to tell
you that you aren’t smart enough, thin
enough, or successful enough. You can’t
change what people think. The good news is you don’t have to.

If you believe in yourself, nothing else matters.

Sitting on that rock alone, appreciating the breeze in my hair and smiling at the ducks, I finally embraced the truth. I was already good enough. And it was in that moment of acceptance that I was truly free.

You can’t change people but you can
change how you respond to them, which is what I did. Now, I acknowledge the criticism when it comes and immediately let it go.

When someone offers support,
encouragement, and love, I bring it in and allow it to raise me up higher.

The wonderful part of self-love is that once you know you are good enough already, there’s no way to go but up. The negativity fades and the positivity grows.
Embrace the security, contentment, and inner peace that come with accepting and loving the broken pieces of yourself.