No amazing thing worth doing, was ever created in some slap dash kind of a way.

The point here is that we can’t rush change. Meaningful, lasting change to our development, to our patterns, to our
beliefs, our bodies, and to our lives
cannot be rushed.

When we try to rush life and try to get to
the ‘finish line,’ when we try and force
ourselves to do something new in a way
that doesn’t feel fully aligned for us (much less forgetting to celebrate how far we’ve already come), what usually happens is that it simply doesn’t stick.

It’s like when we throw ourselves into a new exercise routine that requires us to
suddenly get up two hours earlier every day.

The results are usually injury, exhaustion,
or resentment because we’re doing it as a result of feeling we have to, in a way that doesn’t sit right with who we are, and we’re pushing ourselves too hard, too fast.

We’ve got to work gradually on our deeper, more profound change.
We’ve got to open ourselves up to working on things carefully, layer by layer.

We’ve got to exercise more patience with

We’ve got to allow our truth and our
message to evolve as we evolve and figure out what we need to serve us.

And we’ve definitely got to acknowledge
and celebrate how far we’ve come more
frequently so that we can practice being
kinder to ourselves along the way.

So can you let yourself off the hook here
and just be okay with starting where you
are at right now?

Having got to somewhere you wanted to be doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be more new challenges ahead, but neither does it mean you have to start all over again; you’re just starting from a new place.

We’re never ‘done,’ we’re never finished,
and for the things we really love and are
passionate about, why would we want to

So how about getting excited about that
instead of frustrated? How about welcoming it in with fondness
and anticipation instead of impatience?

And what would it feel like to just be okay
with being where you are right now while
knowing that you’re doing your best, you’re moving forward, and you’re more than equipped and ready for what’s next?