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Gratitude is strongly and consistently
associated with greater happiness.

In a distressful moment, it’s hard to see positive forces when obstacles are blaring and fears are looming.
But this is also the good time to be grateful for all the other good things going on in your life.

Not grateful for what has distressed us, but appreciating what doesn’t.

Gratitude helps us see our situation in a way that can lessen panic, and could open up our thinking to new solutions.

The main thing is, people aren’t hardwired to be grateful.

And, like any skill worth having,
gratitude requires practice.

There are three stage involved in practising gratitude : recognising what we’re grateful for, acknowledging it, and
appreciating it. Very simple, right?

And the benefits of practising gratitude can be life-altering.

Gratitude puts all situations,both awesome and awkward, into perspective.
When we can see the good as well as the
bad, it becomes more difficult to complain and stay distressed.

Gratitude helps us realize what we have.

This can lessen our need for wanting
more, all the time.

Gratitude strengthens relationships, improves health, reduces stress, and,
in general, makes us happier

Here are some guideline leading questions that will help us to cultivate daily gratitude in our lives:

• What’s one kind or thoughtful thing
someone did for you recently?

• Who is always there for you, and how do you feel about them?

•Who has helped you become the person
you are today, and what’s the top thing
you’d thank them for?

•Who’s that someone who always really listens when you talk, and how does that affect you?

•How have your spiritual beliefs or
practices fulfilled you recently?

•What’s the best thing that happened
today so far?

•What’s something that inspired or
touched you recently?

•Has anyone done anything recently
that made your job easier?

•What’s one thing you enjoyed about
doing your job recently?

•Can you think of any non-physical gifts
you’ve received recently—someone’s time, attention, understanding, or support?

•What about today has been better than

•Who have you enjoyed being around
recently, and why?

•How have you used your talents and
abilities recently, and what have you
enjoyed about doing that?

•What have you learned recently that will help you in the future?

•What made you laugh or smile today?

•What’s the last song you heard that you
enjoyed? How did it make you feel, and

•Have you experienced any blessings in
disguise lately—things that didn’t turn out as you’d hoped and yet turned out for the best?

•What’s the weather like today, and
what’s one good thing about that?

•How has technology enhanced your life
and your connections recently?

•Have you had an opportunity to help
someone recently, and how did you feel
about that?

•What’s one thing you experienced
recently that made you feel a sense of
wonder or awe?

•What’s the best thing about your home,
and have you taken time to enjoy it

•If you didn’t get what you wanted today,
can you identify something in what you got that’s worth having?

•What’s improved about your life from
this time last year?

•What choices have you made in the last
five years that you’d thank yourself for

•What’s something you did well recently,
and what qualities or skills enabled you to do this?

•Who made a positive difference in your
life recently?

•What’s something you’re looking
forward to in the future?

•What did you learn from the most
difficult part of your day yesterday, and how will this lesson benefit you going forward?

•What’s something you witnessed
recently that reminded you that life is good?

•What’s something you witnessed
recently that reminded you that people are

•How many of your basic needs do you
not need to worry about meeting today?

•What event or interaction made you feel
good about yourself recently?

•How have you made personal or
professional progress lately?

•What simple pleasures did you enjoy—
or can you enjoy—today?

•What modern conveniences (i.e.:
electronics and appliances) do you enjoy
that make your life easier?

•What’s the most beautiful thing you saw
today that made you glad to be alive and to see it?

•What’s something enjoyable you get to
experience every day that you’ve come to take for granted?

•What are three things your arms or legs
allow you to do that you enjoy?

•What’s the kindest thing someone has
done for you lately?

•How do your friends and/or family
members show they care about you?

•What’s the last thing you enjoyed with
your senses—a good meal, a song you love, or aromatherapy—and how amazing is it that you were able to experience that?

•What movie, book, blog, or article
affected your life for the better recently?

•What have you seen in nature recently
that made you feel happy, peaceful, or free?

•How has modern medicine improved
your life, recently or overall?

•How does electricity simplify and
improve your life—and can you imagine
what life would like be like without it?

•What’s your favorite thing about your
bed, and how often does it enable you to
get restful sleep?

•What’s something you have easy access
to that always improves your mood, and
how has it improved your life?

•Who in your life has survived something
difficult, and how do you feel when you
think about the fact that they’re still here?
•Have you recently imagined a worst-
case scenario that didn’t actually happen?

This last one is always crucial for me.

Not only does this help me appreciate things that turned out better than I’d anticipated, but it also reminds me how often this happens—if only I’m willing to act.

Go on and have a grateful day.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®