In the cool stillness of the evening,
Without sunlight to intrude,
I see the twilight’s spark in her eyes,
As the moon sets up the mood,
Music playing soft and low,
While romance fills the air,
I can’t help but feel the heat that kisses all my senses.

The very moment she comes near me,
With a teasing dance that mimics the embrace of lovers,
While a single candle casts a magical light to highlight her feminine curves,
And the smell of sweet perfume,
Seems to drive my captured soul insane,
I draw close to look into her eyes,
And run my fingers through her electrified hair.

I taste the sweetness of her neck,
As I nibble at her ear,
And wish to whisper words of love,
That remain unsaid,
As she sighs with an unsaid reply,
And in a very sensual way,
Her sweet body comes alive,
To light the heat of my desire.

In a silent ritual,
we slowly come to a state of undress,
As I to lay her down gently,
And she welcomes my caresses,
With her luscious sexy curves,
And my tongue roams into the most sacred territory,
It is a taste I can’t resist.

She gives me so much pleasure,
Ecstasy explodes through the pores of my skin,
From a dance that started with one,
But the other just couldn’t sit still and watch;
This is the way love dances,
To inspire this love that we aspire,
For only love can fill this joy,
That becomes the dance of our desire.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®