Have you ever walked through the deserts of life,
And then found an oasis of love to quench a lifetime of thirst?
Have you ever drank from its eternal
Walked through deserts, but found it is the only oasis with a pure drink,
Have you seen its miracles in your soul,
Witness pains disappear to far away places?

Have you ever allowed it to wash away doubts and fears?
Known the forgiveness that comes from its strength,
Seen its gentleness melt like the sun into the surface of the sea,
Or observed its wisdom as close as arm’s
Have you ever drank from this purest
A gentle brook from a mountain high above?

Have you ever bathed in its healing waters?
The waters from the fountain of true Love?
Without it, to a colourless life you’re
Will you not seek a paradise, there in Love’s Oasis?
Earthly demands, tormenting, there await respite in the Oasis of love,
Envisioning fields of flowers bright in bloom,
In your loneliness, does Heaven truly exist?
Except in the Oasis of love?

For nothing is as complete in loveliness,
As one pure soul with Love for another!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®