I now understood how a man who has nothing left in this world,
may still know bliss that is love,
be it only for a brief moment,
in the contemplation of his beloved.

In a position of utter desolation,
when a man cannot express himself in
positive action,
when his only achievement,
may consist in enduring his sufferings in the right way–
an honourable way–in such a
position man can,
through loving contemplation of the image he carries of his beloved,
achieve fulfilment so deeply rooted in his soul.

For the first time in my life,
I am able to understand the words,
“The angels are lost in perpetual contemplation of an infinite glory of love.

As you know, my heart is now full,
With all the love you give to me,
But did you know?,
That long ago,
my heart was filled with emptiness,
When It felt so sad
And pain burnt my soul,
It seared that precious part;
My heart was charred,
A blackened mess.

I cursed myself, I couldn’t think,
My mind was chewed right through,
How had I made a mess of things?
A quandary, yes, but true;
How can my life turn round?
I had no clue, not one idea,
On how I’d change my world,
But then I found you,
My shining light,
My beacon in the dark,
The only one who loved me,
Despite my flaws.

You helped me through each dark day,
Until I saw the dawn of my new life,
The darkness faded;
You help me still,
And keep me sane.
Stopping me going mad with loneliness of the heart,
But my love I must admit;

My heart is now so full,
Spilling over the brim;
You changed my dark to light,
My love,
My Muse,
My heart’s liberator.

These words are yours tonight,
My love, you are so wonderful,
To me, no one compares to you,
The things you do and say to me,
They drive me wild,
Through and through.

Take last night,for instance,
You smiled so sweet,
Took my hand,
Kissed me softly,
Guided me,
Gripped me,
Whispered to me,
Such sweet words to my ear,
In your arms,
We moved as one,
My body welded to yours,
Beneath cool white sheets,
My heart, it pounds like a war drum,
My chest wall aches.
In an anticipation of a rapture.

You say the words so soft and sweet,
Only meant for my ears,
And then we fall.
Bodies locked tight,
Lips are locked,
In a passionate kiss,
That can only be drawn by lovers.

And in your arms,
I lay so still,
Until the dawn,
My sweetest thrill…
My mind wanders with sweet delight,
To valleys full of joy,
And a stream that only flows for me,within the lush fluffs,
That crown the source of untold joy and pleasure;
My dreams filled of only you.
Your fingers dip beneath the elastic of my
And a mountain rises in a valley,
That was flat just a while ago!

…Telling me how and when to touch,
Commanding me to release the pressure,
Smiling wickedly and telling you to grip
My breathing shallows,
A deep urge builds,
Not quite yet, you say to me.
To help prolong the thrill.

Can’t hold back,
What now truly belongs to you,my love,
It’s all yours to take!,
Yes, you say,
The time had come;
A shudder washes over me,
And knowing that you’re there,
As I slowly let out,
A moan so deep,
it hurts my throat,
Ploughing throw a field,
That is only meant to satiate my need,
My hunger is no longer a pain,
My need is quenched again.

My eyes closed tight,
My breathing slows,
I know not what my body does,
Bursting with streams of thick joy,
as I drift into paradise.
My eyes they slowly trace the line,
Upward, skywards, so divine,
Fingers skip along your leg,
To that place between,
Where the warmth does lie,
Pulses race across your flesh,
Breath it quickens,
Gathering pace,
Teasing with my soul and flesh,
A thousand shocks race against my finger tips….

What’s that, my sweetie?
Speak it loud,
Scream and shout,
Purr for me,
As my fingers dance,
But it seems,
That’s not enough,
Fingers grip your fluffy curls,
Dragging my head to where the fountain of joy sits.
On this stairway,
That leads to paradise,
As your body begs for a dance,
That’s only meant for two!
It is in this bliss of love,
That I finally drift into peaceful sleep,
Still locked in the warm embrace of your loving hands….

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®