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Every man should be lucky enough,
To experience the true love of a lifetime;
That’s what you brought into my life…,
The most amazing love I’ve ever known.

When first we met,
I knew we could be something special;
I was wrong,
We are something amazing,
and I’m blown away,
that I’m so lucky to have you.

We get better and better with time,
Your smile always brings me to my knees,
I love being around you,
I yearn for you,
I appreciate you,
You’re my gift from God.

You’re my angel,
I want you,
I adore you,
I need you,
Me and you. Always.

You had me right from that first moment, when you said “hello.”
You inspire me,
You brighten my days,
You rock my world,
You’re perfect for me.

When I’m with you everything is
even on the bad days,
I wouldn’t trade your love,
for anything else in the world,
because when I have you,
I have everything.

Can you remember our first kiss?
Our first time together?
The first time our eyes met?
I felt in all with each magical experience,
divine intimacy,
We are connected…you and I,
And what we share…..is beyond good, It’s amazing.

I can now hear the sound,
of your heart beating,
And please don’t say a word,
‘Cause I already know what you’re feeling,
Just hold me close,
don’t be afraid,
these arms won’t let your heart break.

I’ll make love to you-so soft and tender,
I promise you with every breath i take,
These arms won’t let your heart break,
These eyes will worship you and adore you,
And these hands will love you every day
the only guarantee i can make to you;
these arms won’t let your heart break.

I’m right here,
just take my hand i’ll love you,
Like you want me to,
One thing is for sure,
Make no mistake about it,
My arms won’t let your heart break.

These eyes of mine will worship you and adore you,
These hands will love you every day,
Darling, the only guarantee i can make;
These arms won’t let your heart break.

Like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon,
you are about to soar,
Your beauty and grace,
takes everyone’s breath away,
And your strength keeps it all together,
In this magic that you brought into my life,
That I call love!

In the word “Love”, we have everything,
that we will ever need in this life,
You and I.

And when you lift your face,
And smile full into my eyes,
Just before bestowing that sweet kiss,
Into my eager waiting lips,
You make me your slave in love,
For another hundred years!