This song fills me with delight and a sense
of belonging
It allows me to close my eyes and forget
everything that is going on
To just relax
Her voice is intoxicating
More so than any shot of Tequila or Sneaky
Sweet treat
Though it is not a good song
Its is a song of regret of the loss of a love
Though I know that its melody is totally
surrounding me while it plays
It speaks of vampires and bad boys
Good girls who wait at home for the boys
who love them to call on them
And they never do
It allows me to free fall into a world
without chaos without madness and
without sorrow
I love the feeling of being weightless while
it plays to me
Singing sweetly to me and only me
Spreading though my body to my very soul
Completely lower level of consciousness
and totally wonderful
There is not a single moment of logic or
reason when I hear this melody sweeping
over me
All the anger flows from me like a poison
being drained from the fangs of a snake
The words don’t even matter, I don’t know
their true meaning
I can only take what truth I feel from them
There are some moments in life when
words aren’t needed
When pure emotions and cognition rule
The lower level involves no thinking
It is just feeling what u feel
Never asking why or how or when
It just seems to fall into place whenever
you feel those feelings so abundantly
If dying is anything like this
Sign me up I am ready to depart from this
world today
Leaving all the misery of my life behind
Taking with me only the good deeds that I
have done and the memory of my life
As it was in my eye not as it might have
Or could have been
An idealist point of view of the years I
have spent here on this bless`ed earth so
They have been good
But this song take me to places I have
never dreamed of going
Slow and full bodied by light and
Perpetuating the feeling of nothingness
and no one throughout the ages
Nothing but this feeling
I long for someone to feel the same
Though I fear that they are too upper level
That they think about the music too much
They have to feel the melody winding in
and out of their body
Taking away all that is horrid and absent
from their life
Making them the whole that they were
meant to be…as it does for me always!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®