Come play with me
Oh youngest child of glee
Come frolic in the sun
Run and play with me for fun
Shall we dance and play all day long?
Until the moon and stars come along?
Then we will lay beneath the sky
Spending all night waiting to hear the
rooster’s cry
Thinking of all god’s beauty that we can see
And how lucky we are, we humans, to be so
From the restrictions of pure instinct
And to be able to endure and not to go
Traveling from coast to coast
Getting everything from this life-the
absolute most
Not worrying about only the bad
Or dwelling on the things that we might
have had
But enjoying the moment for all that its
Looking up to our great and powerful
mother earth
Like you my beautiful child
Who looks at me with eyes so wild
Loving and following that feeling of
Come what may
Stay blissful, joyous and gay
Do not trouble yourself with what
tomorrow may bring
Just relax, be in nature and don’t worry
about anything.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®