Droplets of rain run down my bedroom
I watch the crystal clear beads drip down
the glass.
Droplets of water drip from the bathroom
Making the slightest noise with every
I sit in my room -alone and unheard,
Thinking of how my life has become.
I get up and look in my full length mirror,
My body-the palace of my soul.
I can’t look at myself any longer,
Nothing I do, or say, makes things get any
Sometimes things get worse,
Most of the time they just stay the same-
and that’s
almost as bad as getting worse.
But I don’t leave from in front of the
I just stand in front of it, staring of into
Life is no longer worth living,
And really-most people aren’t living-merely
Frightened by the thought, I scream; the
glass breaks,
As I see opportunity passing in front of me,
I turn away
from the cause of my pain and stand in
front of my window.
Poisoned tears begin to stream down from
my bloodshot eyes,
I look out the window and see the broken
glass in the reflection-
Opportunity’s face presents itself to me-
mocking my pain!
My nerves are growing thin,
My breathing becomes shallow and
I turn away, blinded by poisoned droplets,
I return to the bathroom, broken glass
litters the sink.
I look down at all the twinkling diamonds
scattered all over,
I can see a thousand images-the one image
that I’ve been trying to escape.
I pick up and look into one of the larger
shards of glass,
Opportunity rears it’s ugly head one-last-
Thinking about what I know I have to do,
I’m left with nothing but the obvious
I plunged the sharp end into my abdomen,
Ruby red droplets trickle down from my
I fall to the floor-dazed and dying,
While droplets of water run down my
bedroom window.
Beasts in the night
Take away innocent hearts
Leaving lovers lost
Forever bound to the search
Gone now because of something
Horrid, and abnormally
Wretched! Thoughts of finding
The lost ones wander about aimlessly.
Traveling endless miles
Far beyond man’s limits
Of time and place
Thinking of nothing but
The others, lost to
Beasts, horrible and malicious they are
Vowing to defeat the creatures
Of death and destruction of life.
Giving no reason of their own
For the treachery and
Dishonesty, these beasts as they lie
The lover’s only have
Hatred and courage to
Defeat the beasts
Longing for the reuniting
With the souls lost
With the taken, but not forgotten
Risking everything for love
Gaining everything for justice
Loving the lost
Hating the wretched
Fighting for love
Conquering the unspeakable…
So tortured was my poor, dim and
shredded soul
I thought nothing and no one could make
me whole
Depression and loneliness were smothering
my very being
Squeezing me so badly til my scarred heart
was bleeding
Lost and alone, even though my family was
Though I had a map that said, ‘You are
Ignoring all the signs of the smallest
glimpse of joy
I would only fall deeper into Hatred’s
devious ploy
Nothing could faze me or make me smile
I thought death would be the only way out
for a while
But then, I found out when two tortured
souls, as one, unite
There comes an end to the vicious fight
A ray of hope could be seen
Just the slightest first little gleam
To have the feeling of love again
Having some sense of something from life
to gain
I am going places once more
Now, my little soul was no longer dim and
But rising to the stars and loving every
I finally knew what cloud nine was and I
absorbed it
Finally being free…to soar.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®