When I am with you
My soul takes flight
Soaring to impossible heights
Something I never knew existed
Showing me things I thought could never
I owe all that I have learned to you
Falling into a sort of balance
Gazing out into the immense nothingness
With a renewed sense of self and what is
I’ve tried doing it in the past
Trying to deny how I feel
Failing horribly every time
Bit by bit, I fall slave to your hypnotic
Changing and spinning out of control
With never a feeling in loss or
Just a sense of connectedness with
Locked in this unimaginable swirling of
Becoming ruled by the lower level
A clustered mass of never ending freedom
An ecstasy that rivals cloud nine
Falling deeper and deeper….
In love with you
Every part of you wanting to turn back but
not being strong enough to hold out for
the end to come,
Bringing sweet serenity and peace
Forever more to my world of chaos and

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®