Dear friend, come now and sit with me
So I may share my story with thee
Very long ago my poor love was taken
And even now, there is no mistaking
That she was my love…
Who is she?
You ask of me.
She is my darling one,
Taken when her life had just begun.
She was so sweet, she was so tender,
Her loving memory I still remember.
Hair of brown and eyes of the deepest wells of love,
All of this is true, that which I say to you.
Where is she now, you so want to know,
I know not where, as truth would go.
Far beyond and away again,
For true, she has committed no sin.
Innocent until she took her last breath,
She was an angel, even in death.
She goes now with peace and grace,
Living forever in such a pretty place.
Taking all my love alone with her,
So that nothing can harm her further.
She sleeps now on a bed as soft,
As angels sleep in heaven aloft.
A heavenly place, so stays my gaze,
Time is long since I have not been in this
Of death and dying,
I find myself tired of trying.
Thinking about the days of old,
Of only her, wanting her just to hold.
I love her, and there goes by not a day,
That for my love I do not pray.
To bring my darling back so soon,
To make me want to bow and her to
I love someone who is now gone,
My little lamb, my gentle fawn.
But as she did lie there and die,
I begged my eyes not to cry.
But tears will fall, as they always do,
Again they fall anew.
As I recount this story to tell,
Of my sweetest love, my darling

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®