Drive yourself,
Down that long narrow path,
That leads to the end of the road.
Go beyond the path,
And take the higher road.
Down its winding ways,
And treacherous turns.
Relax and feel the cool breeze,
Hear the smooth humming of the engine,
Smell the fresh, summer, night air,
And you’ll know when you’re there.
Your final destination,
Your end of the line.
Fear not of this place,
You know that you belong,
Here among your sisters (and brothers) ,
Amidst the wondrous starry night skies.
It is the beginning of the end,
But not the end of the beginning.
It is transcendence into a new era,
A time of peace, happiness, and joy.
Go now!
Be free!
And savour every last breath you take!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®