I love you more than Romeo loved his
I love you more than the stars love the
ebony night sky
I love you more than the sun and moon
love to chase each other from the skies
I love you more than any man has ever
loved a woman
I love you more than anything in the whole
I know that one day I will truly love you
But until that day, you will know what I
mean when I say
I love you more
My love for you burns with the fire and
brilliance of a thousand suns
My heart erupts every time I:
Hear your voice
See your smile
Hear your name
Think of you…
Others have come before you
But they cannot hold a candle to you
You are my soul mate
My one true love
My better half
My love for you surpasses anything
Shakespeare could ever have imagined
When I think of our past, present, and most
of all our future
There is only hope and happiness
Loving you comes so easily
When we’re together our minds are as one
And I cannot help but to look into your
strong gorgeous eyes
Full of fascination and passion
I could stare into those pools of molten
desire for all eternity
Never looking away fearing that they would
lose their luster and radiance
Our love is far too strong to be shaken or
broken by happenstance
No force in Heaven or Hell could tear us
Countless times I have looked at you and
seen our unborn children in your eyes and
in your smile
There is no escaping our love
It follows me into my dreams at night
Ever since we met
I have had this blissful wonderful feeling all
the time
The simple fact is:
Our love knows no bounds
It is powerful and relentless
Its flame cannot be extinguished
Its like kerosene burning on water- so hot
there is no antidote
It broke free of the chains of conformity
long ago
Unconventional? Perhaps
By my love is insatiable-never having
enough-constantly overflowing
Now there is nothing- and no one- but you
and me.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®