Lying here alone and dying
Thinking of some things as if pondering
I find myself thinking of death
One that comes so swiftly
Tomorrow shall I die?
Truly one cannot dwell on such a thought
Or else she go completely mad
But ‘tis thought of nonetheless
A fleeting thought in my life, so far
A roller coaster on top of a hill
Ready to plummet down at a moments
A small ember burning and flickering
You know its there
But its hidden away.
Shall I die as soon as today?
This thought can make one cherish every
So sweet and tender
To love every touch
And to savor every taste
Remember every passing moment or
Finding beauty in the mundane
Our own mortality is a powerful hindrance
To living life to the fullest as we think we
How do we measure our lives?
On success or wealth?
On loved ones or time spent?
All of these are truly worthless in the
Because after we’re gone, it is only a
So leave the good ones
And forget the bad
Remember people places and things
That hold a deep place in your heart and
Bind them to you and keep them forever
Remember them as you would want to be

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®