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When was the last time you celebrated failure?

This can be a discomfiting question to people who have not cultivated resilience in their mindsets.

Failure stops non-resilient people right on their tracks. End of story,so they tell themselves!

How many times have you encountered a
disappointing situation?

Everyone goes through some form of disappointment from time to time
in their lives.

The difference lies in how we discipline
ourselves to get up and move on.

Some of the disappointments are major.

A failed relationship or being sacked has major implications on your life, but more importantly, on your self-esteem.

But it all depends on your perspective.

It also depends on how well you can
see the end of your story.

Non-resilient people see the story of their
life stopping when they reach a certain difficult point in their life or business; maybe their business failed or they
are declared bankrupt. Or they have been divorced.

Resilient people,on the other hand,develop a mindset that says;‘OK — that’s a hiccup, but now the story continues.

Finding the bright side of life or business
failure is at the heart of developing
resilience in life as in business.

If we see a failure as a success waiting
to happen that’s generally what happens in the long run,in spite of many failures that we may have to endure.

Most people despair when they encounter despair because they have not seen their story to the end.

They view the temporary setback as the
end, while it was just a turning of the pages of their lives.

People with a success mind-set know that
failures are part of the experiences they will encounter on their journey towards success.

Those with a failure mind-set tend to see failures as the end of everything.

You must have a clear vision of the successful person you were meant
to be in the future, so that any setback comes as a temporary problem and not the end.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®