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The theme of tranquillity oriented meditation is based on letting go.

{Insight; Letting go: not fighting or going after something that comes into your life,which you have already formed some attachment to.}

The most important aspect of this type of meditation is your attitude.

There are seven attitudes that
form the foundation of mindfulness
practice: “nonjudging, patience, beginner’s mind, trust, nonstriving, acceptance and letting go.”

Nature acts as tonic to our stressful lives.

As you practice this kind of buddhist meditation, you may notice your
mind is busy with thoughts.

That is okay.

Thoughts are not the enemy.

You do not have to fight them and you do not have to follow them, either.

Treat thoughts like anything else that draws your attention.

Notice them, allow them to be as they are, and gently let your attention open back to, and settle on, the breath sensations.

Create a mental beach and an ocean as the baseline of your meditation frame.

Let all of your conscious experience — sounds, sensations, thoughts, emotions, everything — become the wind,the breeze coming over the sea.

Feel all of it moving and changing, arriving, moving around and over you, and then going.

Notice how the wind takes on different qualities — soft, strong, harsh, gusty, gentle.

Relax as the wind blows around you.

Let it come and go in all its forms.

You remain here, in
calmness, abiding by the enveloping tranquility that this mental breeze creates in your mind.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself
at the beach, sitting on the warm sands,
with a refreshing sea breeze sprinkling
your whole body.

You are safe and secure.

You are watching the waves drift in and out, over and over again.

Each wave is like your breath, rising up inside from deep within and then releasing and returning out to sea.

What do you notice about the surface
of the ocean?

It’s much like your life — some parts are rough, choppy, with impending waves of uncertainty pounding away.

Breathe in these moments that are challenging and upsetting.

Remember that you have the stability and strength to weather the storm.

Breathe out your fears and doubts
about the outcome.

What will be will be?

Only the waves can carry all your secrets
and anxieties out to sea.

What’s happening below the surface
of the ocean?

It is a calm, serene, quiet and contemplative underwater experience.

Schools of fish are swimming to and fro.

Sea plants are sashaying to a mysterious, musical current.

Starfish cling to rocks in colorful display.

Luminescent shards of sunlight splice through the water, transmitting
warmth and radiance downward.

Depending on what life tosses your way, you may be bodysurfing the big one
or floating along a sea of serenity.

Be mindful of the journey, the highs and
lows, the good times and the bad, the joy
and the pain.

Move gently with each wave.

Remember: you are not your anxiety.

People who struggle with anxiety tend to think it’s permanent and part of their identity.

When you’re in the midst of angst, it’s understandable to think
this way.

But these reactions, in reality,are

Worrisome thoughts are a sign or signal;
they contain a message for you to decipher that will help guide you to a place of well-being.

They suggest asking yourself the
following three questions to help you
better understand yourself and figure out
the changes you can make toward your

Go on and create tranquillity in your mind,and the whole world will bow to your rhythm of peace and tranquility.

Bernard Wainaina is an Independent Agribusiness Advisor and CEO at Profarms Consultants®,Nairobi,Kenya.

He mainly works with Agribusiness Youth Groups in Eastern African Region.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®