I’ve been a massive animal lover since birth,

When I was a kid, I had a cat named “Trouble”, whom I enjoyed chasing, harassing,
and forcing to snuggle with me; she enjoyed
routinely scratching my face when she wasn’t
purring and being a lovebug.

She lived to be 16,well into my early twenties!

Animals are furry,and they feel soft to touch(though I’d be more careful touching a porcupine!).

Plus they make us feel less alone(I do feel lonely in presence of some of my acquaintances!).

Here are five reasons why I’ve always
been head-over-heels for them.

Anyway, here are my five reasons why animals
are better than people.

They’re like living, breathing stuffed animals.

How could anyone NOT go instantly mush-gush and start involuntarily emitting squeaky high- pitched noises when confronted with fuzzy
critters? (I’m equal opportunity — my strongest
passion is for cats, but clean dogs and
donkeys and ferrets and all kinds of other small
furry animals are great, too).

How could anyone NOT want to take an adoptable fur-face home for their very own?

There’s nothing I like more than watching a movie like “Gone with the wind” with a purring cat sprawled across my chest.


This means they can’t yell at you, or fight with
you, or belittle you, or try to make you jealous,
or insult your intelligence, or catcall at you
(heh), or ask you for things you aren’t prepared
to give, or tell you how to live your life.

This also means they (sadly) can’t propose marriage, or thank you for dinner, or give you life advice, or ask you to change their cat litter.

But who cares!

Sitting in silence with an animal is just awesome.

And they communicate effectively with meows, barks, glances, glares, and odd body language (my personal favourite: “the good roll”, when a cat rolls on the ground right on my feet to indicate that he wants you to tickle his tummy).


They have no ulterior motives.

They don’t plot to
steal your boyfriend/girlfriend, or make insipid comments about your roots starting to go grey, or answer important questions with frustrated sighs.

They’re all heart and gut.

They do what they feel, and they can tell if you’re sad.

When they love you, it’s clear;their love is just so sincere to hide.

If they aren’t that into you, it’s also clear.

There are no guessing games with animals,
no human-scale subtleties, nuances or shades of grey.

Sure, there can be some mixed signals when you first meet ’em — when they’re not sure
about you, when you’re first starting to build a

But once they’ve learned to trust you, they tend to become wholeheartedly obsessed with you — and they have zero interest in “playing it cool,” feigning indifference, or not calling you back.


Humans like to be needed.

I’d even go so far as to say that we NEED to be needed by animals to realise what unconditional love is all about.

It makes us feel valuable, like our existence matters, like it would be a concrete loss — to them — if we died.

Our animals need us.

They rely on us for food, and shelter, and
bathroom supplies, and luxuries like toys and
treats. (And love, of course!)

And because they can’t ask for what they need,or nag when feeling ignored, this kind of
dependence feels even weightier — not only do
they need us, but we’re expected to KNOW what
they need without them asking or telling us.

They’re like babies, but … forever!

This is a real responsibility, one that obviously shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Thankfully, for many animal lovers, I don’t think it is.

Plenty of us actually enjoy feeling responsible for keeping our creatures healthy and happy.

They pay us back a zillionfold with cuddles, purrs.

Animals give us the kind of acceptance we
should be giving our own selves, but don’t.

They don’t give a whit about our hair, or our outfit, or our adorable new platform shoes, or how bad we stink when we’ve somehow managed to forget to take a shower for 3 days. (Actually, who knows — maybe they DO give a whit, but they can’t verbalize it, so we’d never know! Dooooh!)

Regardless, our pets’ love for us is untainted and unconditional.

They accept us whole; they don’t mind kissing us when we have morning breath, and they certainly don’t mind snuggling up with our sweaty gym clothes or dirty socks from the
hamper (they actually kind-of like it — ew).

They’re cool with whatever we do, however we
look, however we feel.

They’re just SO INCREDIBLY OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD GLAD that we’re there at all.

Did I forget anything?!

I’m sure that I’ve given less reasons for kind of love I feel for animals,but feel free to add on this list!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®