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Sometimes I hate you,Jaffa!
Just because you are my cat,
doesn’t mean that I’m your slave!

Why do you carry yourself around
With so much airs,until lunchtime?

You scratch the door,as if you want to come in,
But when I open the door for you,you just put your paws on the door frame;
You haven’t yet made up your mind whether to get in or not.

And I have to hold the door for you;
I’m your butler.
I’m your slave!

Do I own you,
Or do you own me?

What about that fight you picked with my neighbour’s dog?
That was really foolish of you.
You lost the fight to the dog,right?
And your tail was almost amputated by that bite.

But that was not all;
You jumped through my kitchen window howling,
And broke my china set!

That’s you mr. Independent,
Always coming off clean in your innocent cute face,
Feigning innocence after playing the devil!

But guess what,Jaffa?

That’s the very reason I love you,Jaffa,
Because you are independent like me.

But do you have to put on the display for me?

Your cat personality,so aloof,gives me goose pimples!

And did you have to scratch at my girlfriend when she got close?

Are you jealous?

Do you have to show it?

I’m madly in love with you,Jaffa,
But please don’t mess with my human relationships!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®