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The sun can be hot around Samburu:I’ve heard stories of chicken laying “boiled” eggs in this kind of heat.

But last Sunday,I was thinking less of boiled eggs,and more about such things like firm foundations-a verse in the bible says;build your house on a firm foundation…this was the day’s sermon at the lodge chapel.

I was following a troop of baboons grazing in the plains of Samburu National Reserve.

As is the usual thing in a group of
baboons, they had arranged themselves in their usual military plan.

In the front, were the expendable males consisting of juveniles and low-ranking sub adults.

They act as the front buffers and scouts on the route.

Should they see any danger, they are supposed to confront the danger if they can.

If the danger is too much, they should alert the rest of the troop and the big boys will come to boost the war chest.

But should the enemy attack before the big bosses come, the troop will not lose much because the front liners are not the
most important in the group.

As the troop was digging for tubers in the soil, one of them noticed a lion walking along the shores of the river.

The lion was on the opposite side from where the baboons were grazing.

The scouts gave out the sound of alarm, but a weak one.

Like to say, “you may need to think about fast exit if the lion decide to cross over to our side”.

The troop leaders understood very well there was no hurry, but preparations were in order.

So, the biggest among the leaders of the group looked around to pick a tree which could be used as a safe refuge when trouble struck.

He chose an acacia tree full of dry thorns and with branches that hung loosely near the

He went up the tree and did something that got me laughing with admiration.

He literally interrogated the tree to see whether it was strong enough to hold the whole family
should the need arise.

He was shaking and swinging the branches until he was sure the tree would hold.

When he came down, the whole troop looked at ease feeding near the tree of life, while the scouts kept watch over the lion.

He walked back to the grazing troop as if to say
;“On this tree, I will build my church”.

Like these baboons, make plans with firm foundation

Bernard Wainaina is an Independent Agribusiness Advisor and CEO at Profarms Consultants®,Nairobi,Kenya.

He mainly works with Agribusiness Youth Groups in Eastern African Region.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®