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Your kindness and your smile will always light up the world of those unhappy and unfortunate people.

I thank God for allowing me to meet you and thank you for teaching me kindness.

I promised myself to do good things in your honour, regardless of whether you love me or not on the day I met you.

TO me you are more than someone I love, a
teacher, a friend and a motivator.

You have motivated me to do good things in my life.

I am not a good person, but every time I think of the good things you do, I would like to change. I know you are a quiet, shy and homely girl.

Among all the girls I have ever met in my life, you are the kindest.

You are the prettiest girl I know in my life.

The reason I like you is not because of your beauty, but your kindness,and that inspires me to be kind too.

I know you do charity to help poor children and this has been an ambition of mine during childhood days which I forgot, and I thank you for bringing kindness back into my life.

I can’t speak French very well, but I
learned it to speak to you.

You are the kindest girl I ever met in my life, no girl I knew in my life is even close to you.

What I love about you is your kindness, you may not be the prettiest girl in the world, but you are the prettiest girl to me because you are
kind, gentle , honest and caring.

You are a girl that any guy would dream of.

A kind that will come only once in every million years.

I helped an old grandma in my neighbourhood to clean up the house, I usually don’t do that,but I learnt it from you.

I know you are kind and I want to learn to be kind like you,away from this cold man that I normally am.

Your kindness is contagious, like a light to my life.

I learnt to cook because I know you like homely guys and I would also love to cook for the
unfortunate people, I promise you this, if I ever grow rich, I will promise myself to make sure I will always help those around me in your

I really love you,how I wish I could wake up every morning with you beside me and I would cook for you,and your big family of homeless and elderly people breakfast, I love to cook and to be a family man.

I wish I could help clean your house and look after your parents when they are old.

It is said that if you love a woman, you will love their family too.

I wish I could take care of them.

If you do not like me I am still ok.

I just want to be a friend who will help during happy and times of hardship.

It is my honour to help a person as kind as you.

The reason I do not go after you is because I want you to have a better guy than me who has more to offer.

I am afraid I cannot live up to my promise of being a good guy.

I’d rather lose you than to make you unhappy.

Everything I do is in the interest of you. But I only want one thing from you,and that is to be your friend when you need me.

My love for you has no boundaries.

I thought to myself; if I really love you and I know I do,the best thing is to let you be,to let you serve the poor and the unfortunate without my distraction.

You have stolen my heart.

I ask myself this, if one day you do not look pretty anymore would I still love you?

And yes,I still would,because of kindness,and that never changes!

I thought hard and I told myself I would proudly go out and let everybody know I love you.

Looks is only physical part, but no one can ever take this away from you;

Your kindness.

I will love you no matter what happens.

Please take care of yourself.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®