I’m sitting here wondering
I’m sitting here thinking
Thinking, wondering about you,
What it is about you that I like
And I can’t seem to stop thinking
Of the endless things I like about you.

I’m caved in my little haven thinking
I like your lopsided smile, I like your laugh,
I like your simplicity, I like your lightheartedness,
I like your down to earth attitude
I like your adventurous spirit
I like your generosity and giving spirit.

And just when I think I’ve ran out of things
Things I like about you, then another thought pops in my head…
I like the way you take life as it comes,
I like your open mindedness,
I like your non judgmental attitude
I like the way you bring out your inner child
I like the way you are eager to learn and embrace new things.

I still keep thinking
I like the way your eyes light up
As you narrate about things that you like
In a spirited and animated way
I like the way you absorb in things
Even the nitty gritty details that most can’t be
bothered with
And that you remember them when necessary,
I like the way you can carry a deep conversation
I like your humour and that you don’t take life too seriously.

Wait, there’s still more things I like about you
That can’t fit in this limited media
That can’t all be said in a day, week, month or year
That can take a lifetime for me to say
Things that can only be appreciated forever
All this made me realize
That I like you, for you
And everything you are all about,
That I won’t be running out of things
That make me like you that easily
And it made me realize
That you must be a very special person
For me to sit down and think and wonder
And come up with an endless list
Of all the reasons I like you, and more….

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®