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I used to have a great time dating, but somehow things feel quite different now.

In my20s, every relationship was exciting.

But that’s changed.

Somehow far fewer women fit my needs nowadays.

Maybe I’m getting pickier?

Could that be it?

Dating used to be all about fun; being with someone where I felt a spark.

Compatible could wait.

Now I want more stability.

Even if I still feel it’s too soon to commit, I
want someone I can have a peaceful future with.

Someone who has their life held together nicely.
Who is responsible and reliable.

It used to be I just wanted someone hot and sexy.

Instant passion.

Looks were everything.

Now I want character.

Someone who’ll help me to be a better person.

And desire that lasts.

Now I won’t sleep with someone until I’m
sure I know exactly what I want in her bed, and not just how to get it.

In the past,having similar interests was enough.
Now I need compatible life- goals.

I used to be happy if someone treated me nicely.
Now I want someone who goes on caring, long after the first few heady weeks of falling in love.

It used to be that all I wanted was someone to love.

Now I want someone who knows how to love me.

And who can cope with all my crazy habits and shortcomings.

Years ago, I would probably have given an ex another chance.

I wouldn’t now, because I’ve realised there’s
always an important reason that can’t be fixed when a relationship fails,even once,even for a trivial reason.


I used to want someone who would make me happy.

But now that’s not enough.

I need someone who consistently shows they appreciate my presence in their life, who doesn’t start taking me for granted.

I’ve learned that neither great beauty,nor chemistry on a date means joy in the bedroom.

Just because our communication is
totally synchronised, doesn’t mean our bodies will be.

I’ve grown tired of drama.

My date’s jealousy or temper doesn’t necessarily show their love,but most probably their psychopath tendencies.

It shows they’re incapable of having a healthy relationship.

I’ve grown tired of flaky behaviour — like saying they’ll call and then they don’t.

Or lending them money and never ever getting it back.

Or being hard on my waiter — one day that will be me on the receiving end.

I can tell a lot about someone by the way they interact with people in the service industries.

I’ve discovered that the truth really matters.

That saying exactly how I see things, right from the beginning, is what creates genuine attraction.

And that it’s honesty that builds that attraction into a solid relationship.

So yes, I’m pickier.

My interests and values have changed, and my goals and interests become more deeply defined.

Now I know what really matters.

And realise that love is elusive, dreams don’t come true, and nothing in life works out
quite as you planned.

And that’s actually a much more solid base on which to build a relationship.

One that will sustain me through years of joy
and happiness right into my ripe old age.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®