I'm now a truly  free man

I’m now a truly free man

The chains have been broken
I’m no longer oppressed
Free from my burdens
No longer depressed
Took long to figure out
where I want to be
Too long to figure out
that I had the only key
Ropes are gone
the gate is open
Open to the ocean
open to the mountain
Finally I run
wild and free
Grass plains and open ground
as far as I can see
This world of warmth
colours explode
From my cage
black, grey and cold
A kind word resounds
loud in my ears
A warm touch to ease
all my doubts and fears
I see you calling
for me to return
My absence from you
your cause for concern
But I will continue
free I will run
Straight to the warmth
of the ever present sun
So go find yourself
a new “someone”
Because this is all mine
my personal freedom

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®