God, my deliberate solitude feels so good, but lately I’ve craving something more, something deeper.

I want love
But not just any kind of Love, no,
I want a love so deep it’d make the ocean jealous.

But I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my

You must love me for everything I’m worth
and then more.

Start with my eyes, look into them like you want to know all the good, bad, and anything beyond.

From my eyes go to my mind, love me for everything I know and love me just as much to teach me what I do not.

Hold me in your arms, and love me for everything I am, from my strengths to my weaknesses, and even the scars that others have left behind.

But tell me if you’re not up for it…Not that you don’t want me but rather you can’t handle me.

And please don’t say, “I won’t be like those other girls and break your heart.”

You see my solitude has always been sweet, and
during that time I learned to love myself before I could learn to love anyone else.

Give me the love that I’ve been craving, make the ocean jealous.

Fall for my eyes without knowing me
just yet.

And then kiss me like you want to be loved just as much.

Remember that I want to be loved as deep as the ocean, but remember that I am like the ocean-
I can slip through your fingers, but manage to hold up an army of ships.

Kiss me, hold me, love me, but tell me if you’re not up for it.

I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude

I want a love so deep….or just like I’ve done many times in my life,I just want to be alone this Christmas one more time,till eternity comes!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®