True love comes quietly, without
banners or flashing lights.

If you hear bells,
or the sound of approaching marching drums,
get your ears checked.

True love doesn’t run you over,
or smack you on the top of your head.

It is a love that does not die
A love that whispers
A small still voice
Easily ignored.

Forgotten in the rush of infatuation
In the stillness of infatuation’s inevitable

It is a love that aches
A dull pain
As everlasting as the stars
In happiness, easily forgotten
In sorrow, magnified
This love is a gurgling stream
A midsummer night’s breeze
A twinkling star.

Yet never arresting attention.

Was it the allure of magic?
Or were my senses simply heightened by sheer
By the tedious monotony of life?

Around her, I became alive.

Free to be truly myself.

A clumsy, shy guy.

A hopeless poet.

A man with dreams.

She let me confront my fears.

Helped me deal with the demons in my system.

She let me see into the future.

For in three weeks I experienced all that I had lost belief in.

I built my own castle and watched it float on a sea of bliss.

I saw tiny creatures peeking at me from behind

My world lit up. more vivid.

It was an out of body experience.

A trip to the circus.
An eclipse.

A shooting star.

A sunset.

A moment of sure magic.

But a moment after all.

Not designed to last.

For a moment I felt how wonderful it is to be truly myself.

To be around someone who finds the real you

To laugh freely.

To talk about your emotions in honesty.

To talk about your aspirations.

To have someone read my poems.

To argue over nonsense.

To critique every purple outfit in sight.

And that to me is the meaning of love.

A love that cannot be scaled on a range of one to ten.

Not disguised in the realm of friendship.

But my moment passed,

And I return to the world,

Where I an the man of a thousand marks.

Where I continuously put no acts to fit in.

Conjuring up roles for each situation.

For each friendship. each relationship.

Yes, true love is like a seed,
you don’t notice when it gets inside of you.

It takes firm root and you,
feel your heart tug a bit,
but you ignore it.

It sprouts a small tree within you and you get scared.

Who after- all wants a tree growing inside them?

That tree grows and grows,

it grows both quicker and slower than you’d
thought possible,
it’s mystifying actually.

Then you reach a point where you realize that, that tree is what’s bringing fresh air to your heart and making it smile all day long.

And after a lot of time arguing with
you finally admit that you like this tree and
what it brings,
even if that makes you fell weird.

And you realize that you’re willing to keep nurturing the growth of this tree,
and of course, keep the person
who’s planted this tree within you,
beside you the whole time doing so.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®