It is said that we should love our enemies,but nowhere it is said that we shouldn’t have a good laugh on them if they stick their face in the mud!

Schadenfreude( the closest similar term in English would be “Karma”) is a German word for pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune,especially those of our perceived enemies or detractors.

We all feel it and either repress it, push it away or make it personal,or have a good laugh behind the barn.

We all know that this tendency is not
admirable,it lacks modesty, so we hide it.

However, when we hide these things not only from others, but from ourselves, we hide a flaw that is inherent in us as humans.

Feeling joy in the misfortunes of others,and especially on those who wish misfortunes to befall us, is in fact healthy and natural as long as that misfortune is not
life threatening.

In fact, this is part of evolution.

When we smile as a response to another’s misfortune(say,when an ex-friend is unknowingly walking around all day with white smudge of wheat floor dough on his nose) our brains are sending us signals that make us feel good.

These signals also serve to remind us that life is somehow fair. That we are not the only ones bound to make silly and comical mistakes. Our adversaries too make silly mistakes!

Once the smile is out of the way and our mental state is taken care of we are able to actually feel sympathy for them,but not before having a good laugh on it.

What most of us do is deny the Schadenfreude and go straight for the(false) sympathy.

This sympathy is of course not fully
genuine, because it is coming from a repressed place.

We do not feel Schadenfreude all of the time,but when we do, we must not repress it.

We must let it live and examine it.

In the end, its purpose is to allow us to feel grateful for our lives and be happy for those people we lost in our lives,who on hindsight,were only going to be a burden in the long run.

Its outcome is that we actually feel more genuine sympathy for ourselves and others,even though they may have dealt us a bad card sometime in our past.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®