~“I wonder.”
Give yourself time to think so the time you spend doing things will be better spent.

~“Today was good.”
If you can say it once, you can say it again. And again. And again.

~“I believe in this.”
Be it a good, a plan, company, a person, an idea—you have to put your faith in something.

~“I’m not finished.”
Only you get to decide when your life’s work is done.

~“Thank you for making this possible.”
Because nobody does anything alone. We’re driven and supported and thwarted by others at every turn.

~“That’s enough.”
Food. Drink. Episodes of Law & Order. Pairs of shoes. Overtime. Articulating your own limits is powerful tool to avoid waste.

~“I can do better.”
As soon as you say it, you’re that much closer to making it true.

~“I’m sorry.”
But you can’t just say it; you have to mean it. Really mean it.

~“I survived.”
Moments of danger are major points of an exciting life.

~“You’re amazing.”
Let yourself be in awe of another person, and you’ll feel strong and vulnerable simultaneously.

~“I am home.”
Home is every adventure’s final destination and starting point—and we all need one to call our own.

~“I did my best.”
If this is true, you did something amazing.

~“How can I help you?”
Because you want people to come to your funeral, and if they can’t make it, at least they’ll miss you.

~“I’m lucky.”
You are lucky, in a way that no one else is. Now, what are you going to do with your good fortune?

~“I want that.”
Ask for it: that’s you get what you want—from others and for yourself.

~“This is wrong.”
If you never say it, you embody the statement.

~“I quit.”
Not everything is worthwhile, and sometimes we don’t find that out until we’re in the middle of a rotten situation.

~“Isn’t this beautiful?”
The more often you notice the gorgeous world around you, the happier you’ll be.

Say this without jealously. Practice if you have to.

~“Damn, I look good.”
You come from a long line of people who convinced others to pair with them so that the genes you have in you survived. That’s why you are here. Remember that.

~“I can master this.”
The ability to learn is the foundation of every other talent.

~“Hold it there, I want it.”
Ask for the little things on a regular basis and you’ll find that it’s easier to make larger demands on occasion.

~“This is who I am.”
The nervous energy spent pretending to be something you’re not is better spent on practically anything else.

~“Get out!.”
It’s always harder to take back an invitation than to give one, but protecting yourself from personified trouble is always worth the effort.

~“That was my contribution.”
Own what you’ve worked to create—that’s how your presence will be felt long after you’re gone.

~“I’ll try it.”
Consider the impotence of never saying you’ll try.

~“Tell me more.”
Really getting to know someone (or some topic) will help you better positioning your own place in the world.

~“This is my favourite thing.”
Enjoy what you love and say this as often as you can.

~“I earned this.”
There’s a layer of proud ownership over everything you possess that wasn’t merely given to you.

~“I don’t care.”
Being able to discern between what’s important and what’s trivial is a skill that will save your sanity and your schedule.

~“Your secret is safe with me.”
Because it feels deep-down good to be trustworthy.

Being the first to know something is a delicious sensation.

~“Let’s go!”
Where you’re going often matters far less than the enthusiasm you have for the trip.

~“I trust you.”
We all need allies, and admitting as much helps forge alliances.

~“I don’t know how to do this.”
It’s better to admit it and learn than to fake it and embarrass yourself.

~“I’m terrified.”
Fear is an asset. It can save you from danger and alert you to trouble. Don’t ignore the tingles that run up and down your spine.

~“This is going to work.”
When this is said truthfully, it’s an assertion of power of determination over failure.

~“I made a decision.”
Autonomy transforms any activity from a chore to an act of destiny.

~“I love you.”
We all want to say this, and we all want it said to us.

~“I understand.”
More important than being right, or being important, is being truly aware.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®