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Can you imagine a world without men?

There’d be no crime, and lots of fat happy women.

There would be no divorce or dumping.

There would be no romantic songs to sing;the world would sing about such important things like crop rotation and milking cows.

There would be no violent games like boxing,or silly games like football.

There would be no urinals,those smelly places by the roadside which men treat as nature’s urinals.

There would be no war,no guns or bombs.

There would be no bars(women would “cook” beer at home for their babies).

There would be no labour wards,or even gynaecologists;women would culture babies from yeast or something like that.

There would be no double beds or even bathrooms;who would need privacy when the world only have women?

There would be no clothes as everyone would be free to walk naked.

The world would be full of animals that men hunt for fun.

There would be no psychiatrists or marriage counsellors;empathy would be enough to heal all of women’s psychological problems.

There would be no beauty parlours or hair saloons;who would be there to impress?

There would be no gyms;why work out when there is no one to impress?

There would be no poetry,just verses to praise the rainy season and healthy crops.

There would be no rape!

There would be no passionate kiss.

There would be no heartbreaks.

Hey! Would you help me add in some more advantages of a world without men in the comments section here below?

I look forward to a world without men,’cause all men would be in heaven living as angels-have you ever heard of an angel called Mary or Janet?

Men were not meant to live on earth as men,but as angels in heaven,and that would really give women a break here on earth!

Please help me add some more…..

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®