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You may think that, your dream in life is only a tiny dream.

In that seemingly tiny dream that you hold dear in your heart, that doesn’t match the big dreams that others have, feel or look like much, joyfully go ahead and call the shots!

Own it and possess it.

Remember you are the boss to that tiny dream. You,and only you,can call the shots to your dream!

It’s your day, it’s your moment and it’s your time. You are not NEXT in line for success,it’s NOW your turn for success!

One of the most crucial lessons you can learn from life, that we are emphasising today is how to have fun and enjoy realising your dream.

The most joyful and energising decision of your dream life is to commit 100 percent to your vision and choose to immerse yourself in fun while at it.

It is good to know you’re on the right path, fulfilling the right dream, and that you’re not only giving the day
your all, but cannot wait to do it all over again tomorrow!

It is possible to go to sleep each night grateful for the day with victory becoming part of your lifestyle.

That is possible and is our lesson this

First of all, be satisfied with your dream.

It is not the type or size of dream that measures success, but the successful completion of the dream
assigned to you.

Never allow low self-esteem or
perceived lowliness of the assignment life gave you to overshadow the dream and weigh you down.

What you do is your divine path in this life.

We all have different instructions from nature to fulfil in this life and success comes by fully honouring these instructions.

You too can enjoy this success by focusing on your instruction and not what others are doing.

The grass may seem greener on the other side, but who knows, maybe it’s growing in sewage!

You need to concentrate on your patch and water your grass the
best way you know, making it the envy of your neighbours.

Do look for your joy on the journey to greatness, because if you are living the dream, the two are not independent, but co-joined.

Having fun while at it is the fuel that fans the passion for it, and often times, is the driving force that renews you.

Your happiness resides within the dream itself.

It is acquired while fulfilling the dream and is steered by the motions of that dream.

Nothing gives me pure joy than to see a life transformed, a family changed, a community developed, a decision made for the better or an
addiction broken by one whose life is on the edge of peril or in the jaws of obliteration.

That is priceless, worth more than any amount of money or a holiday
in an exotic island.

It is uplifting to see such transformation and this motivates me to continually strive to touch people’s lives through inspiration.

The power in a dream to spawn joy for the dream bearer is probably the most compelling force for one
to pursue that dream.

Make your dream the source of your ‘fix’, the ‘dope’ for your crave and the origin of the ‘high’ that you need to keep pushing.

When you are down and discouraged, if you want to see weakness metamorphose into strength, go back into the ring of your dreams and fight some more!

Dreamers are too busy to fuss over their ‘good’ looks or ‘sterling’ performances.

They are too committed to get carried away with showbiz.

Their mantra is that, ‘when you are good, you tell people about it,
but when you are great, people tell you about it’.

To them, time is a precious and irredeemable resource.

They don’t waste it on their struggles,disadvantages and worries.
Your dream is not a punishment.

Don’t face it with grumbling, weariness and irritation.

It is a blessing.

Your life’s work is not a ‘job’, it’s a way of living.

Face it daily with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

You may have started by expecting your dream to be simple,obvious and predictable, only for it to become
complex and challenging.

Just because you are in unfamiliar territory does not mean you stop the

You are still the boss of that dream!

Finally, reward yourself.

Work hard, but play hard too.

After work, go out and enjoy the fruits of your labour, the benefits and perks that come with genuine hard work.

Own what you do and don’t be
apologetic about it.

People don’t become great
because they did great things, they do because they did small things in a great way, until the small things became great.

Therefore, in that seemingly tiny dream, joyfully go ahead and call the shots!

Own it and possess it.

It’s your day, it’s your moment and
it’s your time.

You are not next in line for success,

it’s your turn for success!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®