You were never meant to understand me,
I guess no one should ever,
‘Cause friendship is all about taking for who I am.

There’s not much going on now,
And I can sit still and look back,
To the days we had together,
Not without some good memories,
But these good memories came at a price,
That was always too high to pay.

You say you are sorry for all the time we wasted,
Always wondering who was going to be the brave one,
And say that all this farce gonna stop,
You always wanted to fix things,
That were already too broken to be fixed.

I wish things weren’t the way they were,
The way it used to be,
You know what I’m talking about,
It was just you and me,
But deep in our hearts,
we knew it was never meant to last.

I know you still don’t understand me,
And I know you never will,
I guess what I’m trying to say is,
There was no need to understand me in the first place,
It was never worth my time,
Neither yours.

Some friendships are never meant to be,
And we should never mourn them,
When they die their natural death,
‘Cause they free us to seek more meaningful ones,
With those who are predestined to add value to our life.

Our friendship was a draining one,
One that always took more from us,
Than it was ready to give back,
Though my eyes tear at this eventful end,
My tears are only for the years I wasted with you!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®