Even though we never seem prepared for it,
I know that death is one of the main guarantees of life,
and one has to experience it to truly,
through death of our closest friends and family,
to understand what it is all about.

Sometimes,we face our own death in reality,by suffering a terminal illness.

It forces us to reconcile ourselves to our certain and imminent demise.

Life,incidentally,becomes sweeter as we face our own death through old age,or terminal illness;we value each day more and take out the best out of it.

I know that death can bring one down,
but I also know that eventually,
no matter after how long,
one moves on from fear of death,or its grief,
and that is when they discover just how strong they really are.

I know that death somehow inspires one to find their passion and live it, because they make out that life
is short.

You realise that if you are to leave a legacy,
you will have to start doing something to better
your life now, today.

I realise the irony of life.

Your world could be at a standstill but the sun will still rise and the stars will

Heck, others will be heard laughing their loudest.

I know that death jars one to reality because what has been happening to other people has happened to you — right here, right now.

Suddenly, all the fun, jobs, money and the status they all bring don’t matter that much.

Love, life, honesty, peace and togetherness are what matter more.

This realisation is what gives life power over death.

Death cannot destroy the life we are living at the present moment.

It can only steal away our future,not our present moment!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®