There’s a spell cast between us,
left unspoken, left unsaid;
like a dog outside barking in the rain
to be let in.

I’ve been knocking at the door of your heart,
have you heard me?

I haven’t heard you answer yet,
but in due time you should let me in.

We both are tied in moments,
That we’ve shared with others,
scared to slip away to another place.

We fear to be locked out yet again,
and crawl back to the lonely aching mind.

Our lips are shut, temptation to kiss,
but we don’t dare to share the bliss.

Hands so close, but do not touch.

They’re wrapped in someone else’s clutch.
Fingers held and intertwined,
like the words laying low inside of your mind.

You can’t speak clearly,and I will not hear you if all you do is mumble.

My heart is already taken by someone dear.

But in my chest, ready to escape,
are feelings for you trying to wait.

Patiently they lay, forcing me to hold my breath,
they’re slamming against my heart, deep into my chest.

I knock on your heart again.

Are you ready to open up?

Are you ready to peel the bandage
off of your healing cut;
the cut that was sliced by your lover’s grasp,
the choking hand around your heart.

It’s time to break out of the leash,
it’s time for the dog to come out of the rain.

It’s time to take a stroll down lover’s lane.

I hear the keys jingle, I hear the knob of your door shake.

Out through the door, you try to escape.

Breaking through love you once had before, trying to peacefully end this battle at war.

Then through the chaos you open the door.

Here I am standing, waiting for you
to make the next move.

My body is still, my soul is lifted,
up through the gates of love my heart has drifted.

Our lips are waiting to take a chance,
our tongues are craving to take a dance.

We will be together again someday.

We will splatter colour on our darkest grey.

The stars that seep through the sky’s black,
will seal the love of your heart’s past.

And soon you’ll forget the pain you that began,
and soon your lover will love again.

I’m knocking on the door to your heart,
can you hear me?

I’m feeling my way inside,
can you feel me?

Our hearts are racing a mile a minute,
our minds are shut off for the night.

Nothing in the world can break us now,
We’re fearless lovers knocked all the way down.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®