A lot of the time our minds are
busy, caught up in an endless
stream of thoughts that leave us
agitated and tired.

Every day we experience worry, anxiety,irritation and many other un-
peaceful minds.

However, the true nature of the mind is clear, peaceful and expansive.

Unfortunately, the busy
thoughts racing incessantly and repeatedly though our heads are like storm clouds that obscure that true peace we could experience in our hearts.

Occasionally there is a natural break in the clouds and we get to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful mind
but these experiences are often fleeting.

Through meditation we can undo our busy thought habits,and gradually make the gap in the clouds grow
bigger and last longer, until in time the clouds disappear completely.

The main benefit is that when our mind is peaceful happiness naturally develops in our hearts.

However,there are many other benefits to be experienced along the way.

Studies have shown meditation to
reduce stress, normalize blood pressure and help people to feel more relaxed.

With our mind at peace we are more understanding of others and our
relationships improve.

Immediately, meditation can help us to improve the quality of our mind and help our physical health.

However, the benefits of meditation go far beyond developing short term rewards.

By using meditation to understand the true nature of reality we can
develop an experience of inner peace and happiness that is always with us regardless of our external

It is this permanent freedom from
difficulties and problems that meditation offers.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®