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We may read very many books in our lives but the only one book worth reading is the

The Buddha taught us that what
ever makes the mind distressed in our practice hits home.

It’s not that the mind is

The problem is that we don’t know what distresses our mind and what those distresses are.

Whatever we are, we aren’t satisfied with it.

Our way of life is not difficult.

What’s difficult is not being satisfied , not agreeing with it.

Our distresses are the main problem that robs us of the tranquility of mind.

The world is always in a very feverish state.

The mind changes from like to dislike
with the feverishness of the world.

If we can learn to make the mind still, it will be the greatest help to the world in achieving its own tranquillity from the tranquility of our minds.

If your mind is happy, then you are
happy anywhere you go.

When wisdom awakens within you, you will see Truth wherever you look.
Truth is all there is to set your mind free from the feverishness of this world.

It’s like when you’ve learned how to
read, you can then read anywhere you go.

But If you’re allergic to one place , you ‘ll be allergic to every other place.

But it’s not the place outside you that’s causing you
trouble .

It’s the “place” inside you.

Look at your own mind.

The one who carries all his things along with him, thinks he’s got things and takes false pride and gloats over them, but the one who looks on, only sees the heaviness of all the things you drag along with you. Think of tramps!

Throw away things that burden your heart, lose them, and let the mind read the lightness that is now in your heart,and you will find peace and tranquility in your mind.

Our mind is intrinsically tranquil.
Out of this tranquility, anxiety and confusion are born,because with think that peace and tranquil are things we can’t find without a certain amount of turmoil and struggle in our lives.

In other words,we have sketched our life in such a way that,we must first lose peace and tranquility,so that we can struggle to find them again in our lives.

This detour is quite unnecessary;maintain your tranquil and peace,and you will never have to search them out of yourself.

If one sees and knows about this unnecessary confusion, then the mind is tranquil once more.
Buddhist meditation is a religion of the heart.

It is like this;the one who practices to develop the heart is one who practices Buddhism. Buddhist meditation does not draw you away from your theological faith. It only seeks to compliment it with personal development that settles your Christian faith,as in my case,into a peaceful coexistence with one self!

When the light is dim, it isn’t easy
to see the old spider webs in the
corners of a room. But when the light is bright , you can see them clearly and then be able to take them down .
When your mind is bright, you be able to see your distresses more clearly too, and clean
them away.

Strengthening the mind is not done
by making it move around as is done to strengthen the body, but by bringing the mind to a halt, bringing it to rest.

Because people don’t see themselves, they can commit all sorts of bad deeds against themselves without being aware of it..

They don’t look at their own minds.

When people are going to do something bad, they have to look
around first to see if anyone is looking :” Will my mother see me? “Will my husband see me? ” “Will my children see me?” “Will my wife see me?

If there’s no one watching , then they go right ahead and do it. This is
insulting themselves. They say no one is watching , so they quickly finish their bad deed before anyone will see.

And what about themselves? Aren’t they a “somebody” watching ?

That’s why learning to read your heart is the most enlightening experiences of all;it teaches you to clearly look at yourself and keep all harm out of your heart and mind-this is what we call meditation-the one I’ve said is the religion of the heart.

Theology as opposed to meditation,is a religion of the soul,it helps us connect with God. Meditation helps us connect with our heart and mind,so that we can find peace and tranquility for both.

Use your heart to listen to the these
Teachings, not your ears,and then you will be home and safe with buddhist meditation.

There are those to do battle with
their distresses and conquer
them .This is called fighting inwardly.

Those who fight outwardly take hold of bombs and guns to throw and to shoot.

They conquer and are conquered.

Conquering others is the way of the
world .

In the practice of Dhamma we
don’t have to fight others, but instead conquer our own minds, patiently resisting all our moods,to maintain peace and tranquil within ourselves. When we conquer our own agitation,there is no need for an ‘outside war’ to try and conquer others,so that we can validate our own peace!

I ask you,where does rain come from? It comes from all the dirty water that evaporates from the earth, like urine and the water you throw out after washing your feet.

Isn’t it wonderful how the sky can take that dirty water and change it into pure, clean water?

Your mind can do the same with your
distresses if you let it to,through meditation.

The Buddha said to judge only yourself, and not to judge others, no
matter how good or evil they may be.

The Buddha merely points out the way, saying, ” The truth is like this. ”

Now is our mind like that or not?

Have you found a way to look at yourself,judge yourself through meditation,and not judge others?

When you do that,you will maintain your own peace and tranquil,and the world in which you live,will also know peace and tranquility!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®