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To my friend,SE,
who is living through this dark hour of his life;

You are my friend,
I’ve known you since our childhood days,
Happily dreaming of good life,
But life has now dealt you a bad card,
And my words alone,
Cannot wipe away your tears,
After all that you’ve gone through.

But there is hope in our Lord,Jesus Christ,
the best friend in these trying times.

Search for Him in your heart dear friend,
like we always did when life was hard on us.

We are grown men now,
And the tears in your eyes depress me,
Like they always did in our younger days.

I’m here for you brother,
But my presence alone is not enough,
To dry the tears that I see in you everyday.

When you are lost and can’t find any new road to take,
Don’t lead yourself alone,
it’s a big mistake.

If your heart is too broken up,
from scars and cuts,
and bruises of a hard life,
hold on to Him,
and He’ll keep you safe,
He won’t let you mess up.

You may want to run far away,
’cause you think you don’t matter,
But tell yourself you do,
and forget all the sorrow and despair,
In your present life.

Your eyes might be closed shut, ’cause you are scared,
to see the world that has hurt you,
open them cause your almost there.

Almost there to the place you belong, the place you loved all along.

Your life might not be,
the best one out there,
but it sure is popular here,
In the eyes of the Lord.

There are who people care about you,
day by day,
Even when you feel lost,
just pray so that your soul is not lost,
In this deep bottomless hole,
That is depression.

I promise you are not alone,
You have and always will have this one friend
That is the Lord and your saviour.

He can lead you to the promised land,
and make you his loved child,
take all your sorrow and shame,
and put it all under his name,
Cause your burden is His burden too.

He has loved you,
even when you are all messed up,
so don’t ever give up your soul,
To the desperation that beckons,
In the darkest hour of your life.

He will hold your sin for you,
and carry your cross,
because for you,
no burden is too heavy for Him to carry.
“You are a child of mine,
and I’ll always love and forgive you,
so don’t be scared”,so says the Lord.

He will always lead you,
so your soul won’t be lost,
That soul that anyone else might not value,
Is so important and treasured,
In the eyes of the Lord.

So wake up and start living again,
The life that you have always wanted to live,
And when you falter,
Just call His name,
And he will take your hand,
And make you stand strong on your two feet,
Because you are his loved soul,
A child of his Kingdom,
No matter what you feel,
No matter what others might think about you,
You are a loved soul.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®