If I looked through your eyes,
would you see me as I see you,
perfectly imperfect in
all your idiosyncrasies, breathtaking?

If I saw into your mind,
would you think of me as I think of you, hilarious, or
the serious mindblowing that you are?

How do you manage to be on my mind all day long?

If I held your hand,
would you hold it back
with the same grasp as mine,
the same grasp I have on your heart?

Does your heart race as fast as mine
when I see your shining smile,
piercing eyes, your presence, all intoxicating to me?

Would you say I complete you,
filling your every empty thought,
every lonely moment,
every sad day,
giving you a reason to smile,
and push through the day?

My heart has been wondering so…

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts®