“Surely, you can’t convert my towel into a rug.
That’s absurd!” I exclaimed to my horrified partner as I stared at my
old green towel on the floor.

Old is a polite word for a threadbare, faded thing that is 15 years old or more.

In fact, the honoured “thing” has a partner that preceded it that I use to clean the bathroom;it is about 25years old,a cherished memento forcefully gifted by another girlfriend I had many years ago.

Everyone who stays the night in my bachelor pad can access a couple of decent towels that I keep in there, but im not interested in any towel
other than this ancient once-green one.

My partner points out that it is too old, likely even to harbour something dangerous.

After tolerating that towel for this long,She just had to make an executive decision to dispose
of it.

But she’s not through with me yet.

She only gave me enough time to mourn my old friend before she finally carried out a spring cleaning of my closet, since I never come round to doing it myself.

If our partners do not make such decisions, some of us would walk around looking as if we just escaped from a cat-training camp with torn,but cherished garments.

Hoarding is a term nobody mentions to new brides until they wed
that man and start sharing a bed, bathroom, and home.

Suddenly, they notice the handsome pair of shoes he has got on the shoe rack, but never touches.

Instead, he wears a tired pair that would qualify for a place in the national museum.

And that tattered vest, clinging to his chest by the sheer might of three determined threads.

Or that belt that looks as if it came off a dinosaur’s hide.

A friend told me about this jungle jacket that her father wears for every occasion.

During a trip abroad, she got him a trench coat, a woollen jersey,
a winter coat for the bitterly cold months, and a couple of decent suits.
He has never worn them — they
hang neatly in his closet.

Her frustrated mother left it to the children to convince their father that the jungle look was long out of vogue, but like me, their father has
no intention of letting go of his old friend.

Back in high school, we thought our physics teacher had only one orange shirt.

Then one day at the teachers’ quarters, we counted over 15 replica orange shirts hang out to dry.

I wonder, is it a man thing?

Men can wear the same hair style for life, but who said they have to do the
same with clothes?

I almost always look
traumatised when i open my drawer to find new underwear in place of my old pairs.

Which I would say is so thoughtful of my partner to gift me with new ones,but where the hell has she taken the old ones? I feel naked wearing a crisp fresh and new pair of undies!

At a bridal shower, one single girl described her potential husband: “He should be financially stable,
have a nice house, and dress well and stylishly…”

“You are describing an already married man, honey,who has a strong willed wife to throw away his old tatters that he loves so much!” said
the moderator.

Maybe there should be another saying that behind every neat man is a ‘headstrong woman’.

Some things I can change, but there is no way I intend to be seen in public with new clothes as if I’ve just been released from a long jail term.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….©Profarms’ Random Thoughts©