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A referee calls the players to safety in any game.

It is obligatory for referee to ensure that all games under his watch are played safe!

As humans, we have an
internal referee, so to speak, calling
the plays and giving us direction.

Before you ever make a hard decision on life, you should stop for a minute and see if you have peace inside your soul.

If there’s unrest or an uneasy
feeling inside, then don’t move
forward. The game is not safe!

Let peace be your referee.

How many people get into a
relationship that they didn’t have
peace about and end up miserable?

They buy things they didn’t have
peace about buying.

They end up in debt.

They take a job they didn’t have
peace about.

They end up frustrated.

Here’s the key: If you don’t have that inner peace before you make the decision,you’re not going to have peace after you make the decision.

If you don’t have peace about that person who is your current romantic interest now,you’re not going to have peace if you get into relationship.

If you don’t have peace about buying that new car,you’re not going to have peace when the payments come each month.

Remember, Nature gave us that internal peace for our protection. It is a beacon that calls us to safety.

No matter what circumstances look like, always trust that inner peace.

Let peace in your heart be your referee and settle any
questions you have in your mind.

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….