Without rival you are the most beautiful exotic, erotic, seductive,and captivating girl to ever grace this earth.

Your dimpled smile makes the desert sands at noon melt,the sparkle of your eyes when you look upon me,pales diamonds in the sun.

Your heart, with its love makes the very dust that you trample on into my feast,your soul to which I am bonded rivals the marvel of the stars.

The compassion you posses would give the forsaken of this world hope,
your voice, with its intricate and sexy undertones could make the dumb sing.

Your body, supple and sublime
would bring the Kings of Nations to their knees,
your face, with its features enchanting would make the princesses hide theirs in shame.

Yet despite having all these attributes to
still the entire earth from spinning,
it was my world you chose to stop, and hop into;
and for that and so much more
I will forever love you,and be yours alone!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….