Every guy wants to be with a beautiful woman.

It’s a supreme quest.

These are the women who stride into
a room and everyone stares- including other women.

Especially other women.

These are women whose counter has a queue that winds around the block.

But then there is the sexy woman.

Only a man who has lived long enough to tell the difference between the two can pick out a sexy woman in a room.

The one who makes men run from the beautiful to her,leaving people who are not apt in this quality asking;what does he see in her after his beautiful woman?

She isn’t strikingly beautiful, but there is something unworldly about
her, something that makes the energy in a room gravitate towards her.

She isn’t the hottest thing in
the room, but she has something that a hot woman can’t buy, something that cosmetic surgery can’t fix; she is sexy.

The best part of being with this woman is meeting the woman, or when boy meets girl, if you are from that school of thought.

When you looks at her and feel your
stomach tighten.

When she is exquisite and staggeringly gorgeous in a non-beautiful way.

When she smells like sunset and her eyes tell a story.

When you never want to stop hearing her giggle.

When she floats your boat and mystery drapes itself all around her.

And mystery is good.

Mystery is very good.

This is the woman who walks into a room and you feel a sharp change in the room’s chemistry.

A woman who alters the composition of the room by a simple action like pouring a drink.

She is sexy in the way she sips her drink or rummage in her purse.

She is sexy in the way she throws back her head when she laughs.

She will stare into your eyes when you talk about stuff that she doesn’t care about, but she will also look away when you look too hard in her eyes.

If you try to see through her soul, She will exude the right vulnerability, but just enough not to make her weak.

She won’t necessarily know who
Tom Hanks is, but she won’t shy at asking,in fact she will ask in a way that will make you enjoy
explaining to her (She: “Tom Hanks? And I want to desperately to explain to her that he is the guy who runs past towns,past children,past farms and runs and runs in Forrest Gump.”).

She won’t need to flash her cleavage in your face or show her whole
thigh to make you like her.

But the fleeting patch of skin that will show when she casually crosses her
legs will make you gasp.

And it’s something you will not forget about in a hurry.

And this kind of woman never looks at the floor when she walks.


And the clincher is that she is totally oblivious of her sexiness but the moment she starts thinking of
herself as sexy she stops being sexy.
Nature’s sense of humour runs deep.

Unfortunately there aren’t many sexy women around as we could let’s say,beautiful.

You are more likely to meet more beautiful women on any road than meet a sexy woman.

You will meet plenty of gorgeous women though, but what good is that?

What good is another perfect chin?

But this being a world of vanity you will encounter many women who
think they are sexy; you will know they aren’t sexy because you will see them trying to be sexy.

And you will feel a tinge of sadness for them.

Here is another thing that is tragic in this world; the fact that women no longer make you want to touch

They no longer heighten your expectations to the touch.

And make no mistakes about that ladies,that’s a huge part of seduction for men; to meet a woman and want to touch her.

That is one of the precious part in being with a woman, wanting
desperately to touch her and knowing full well that she isn’t ready to be touched…at least not yet.

And not touch her in a sexual way, but to feel her skin and satisfy your temporary insanity.

To free yourself from the bondage of your own vanity.

To make sure she is not invincible.

These parts of seduction sublime into the tedium that plague urban dating; women making it easy.

Women not waiting to be “touched.”

I used to think beautiful women are the same as sexy women;time has proved me wrong!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….