When you are up on the top of a mountain, you only can see the other beautiful mountains,and not the one you are on top of.

You may think; I’d really like to be on that mountain,the view must be awesome.

So you pray God; let me see the view from that other mountain.

Well as everyone knows, if you are going to go up another mountain, you must come down and off the one you are on.

You must cross a valley to go between the two mountains. You can’t skip and hop from one mountaintop to another.

So down off the mountain you

You start through the valley and for awhile, you are doing ok.

Then you start getting tired.

You start wondering; is there any end to this valley?

Is this valley really so wide and

And so you trudge onward.

After awhile you, forget about the
mountain you were on.

You forget about the awesome view you were going to see from the neighbouring mountain.

All you can think about, is how long and dark this valley is,thatyou’re going through.

After a while,you fail to notice the lilies that are growing along the way you are walking.

You fail to notice the beauty in the valley because you are so caught up in getting out of the valley.

You want to hurry and get back on the mountaintop where you feel

So finally, you reach the foot of
the mountain and you look up to
see the mountain towering over

You begin to think, it didn’t
look that big from over there.

You think; there is no way that I can get up this mountain.

Many people never do get up that mountain. They stay in the valley where the walk is easier.

They don’t want to put forth the extra effort to go the extra mile
for the greater rewards and exhilating views.

They want to stay down the valley where it is safe.

Just as you’ve beaten the discouragement and getting to the end of the valley,more discouragement comes in the
face of that towering mountain.

So which do you choose? Stay in the valley where its safe or press on?

If you decide to press on,
there are more obstacles in your

They may be jagged rocks or a
crumbling path or no path at all; just gut instinct to guide you to the top.

You stop and set small goals for

“I will make it to the top of this cliff before night or to the shelter of those pines before the rain”.

Either way you have quit
looking at the whole mountain as being intimidating. You are now taking one step at a time.

You know what the goal is (to get to the top), but you have broken it into simple individual goals that you can easily achieve.

You allow yourself to be encouraged by what you are accomplishing.

So you make it to the top, and the view is as spectacular as you thought.

You rest and look around, and enjoy the fruit of your labour, then before long you start looking and saying;
I wonder how it would look from that other third mountain?

You start thinking; well I made it through the last valley and this one doesn’t look like its so long, I think I’ll just run over and check out the view from that other mountain.

And so the conquests continue.

And though you are tired,you are now wearing the crown of a victor.

Have you ever felt that you have stayed down in that valley
for so long?

Have you ever felt that a situation was hopeless?

That you couldn’t win for losing?

I believe we all have.

We have all reached a place of being so low in our life that we felt unworthy and unable to do anything
to help our self.

We feel that no matter which way we turn,we are lost and abandoned, and unworthy of being loved even by God.

We feel that the Lord doesn’t hear our cries when we are down in this

We feel so alone.

This is when devil likes to work his

If he can get our focus on being turned away from what God wants us to do, (going toward the mountain to climb it) and focused on the mistakes we made (the valley we are in ), then he has
gained an advantage.

He has gained a foothold in keeping us from being a victor, because we are so concerned with our own well

He has led us into the old ‘poor me’ routine.

But God doesn’t leave us, He is
with us always.

He is our ever present help in a time of need.

It is His promise.

He promises us that he will strengthen us when we are weak.

He promises us that he would never leave us or forsake us.

He will bring us safe and strong through these valleys.

We must learn to be content, whatever state we are in,
whether in the valley or up on the

There is so much beauty in the valley, there are many things to
learn while there, that will help us
on our climb back up the

When up on the mountaintop after awhile, we forget the beauty of the valleys.

We start taking it for granted.

So we set off in search of more beauty.

You have to remember though,that, if you become content to stay where it is safe, you will miss out on an awful lot of beauty,both down the valley,and up on the top of the mountain .

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….