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I’ve turned another year in my life.
Hell! This life seems to have stretched a century to be exact!

On the day of my birthday,I have woken up at 5.am. I’ve got a kilometre of fast jogging to do.

I don’t celebrate my birthdays with anyone. Most people don’t even know my birth date.
I lost my mum on the same day that I was born-at child birth-a very personal thing that can’t be shared with any one.
My birthday also marks my mum’s death anniversary every year of my life.

Anyway,this birthday is special to me,if anything,to celebrate my long life so far.

As I jog along my favourite path,a surreal flash back of the struggles,failures and sweet victories ran through my mind like a silent movie.

Some memories evoke a panting smile on my face,some threaten to moisten my eyes,some draw out the serious man in me to…

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