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I must start by admitting that i’m very lousy at keeping promises i make to other people.

But somehow,they haunt me all the same when i don’t fulfil them.

So,when i met my “lifetime” girlfriend the other day,a promise i made to her back in our college days came back to haunt me.

“Remember Ben the promise you made to me when we were in love back in college,about a night out in the wild,just the two of us?”.

We were dancing to a slow number “Love TKO” by Teddy P.

I had to disengage myself from her warm embrace and take a good look at her face-to see whether she meant what she said.

Let me come out clear on matters between me and Daisy and how she has been my girlfriend for all these years.

We met when i was in high school doing my A-Levels.

She was…

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