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I love munching nuts.

I love the contemplative mood that besets my mind when I munch them one by one.

In my pantry,I stock roasted groundnuts,cashew nuts,macadamia nuts-name them! I have them all,sometimes even in my jacket pockets.

I’m just crazy about nuts!

May be this is due to living alone,and nuts can quell the pangs of hunger when I’m not in a mood to cook.

My partner’s mother is an old kind lady.

She adores me. But she’s growing quite old now and she sometimes suffers memory lapses.

We visited her last weekend,during the long Easter weekend.

My partner abhors my nut munching habit, especially when I’m driving.

She made sure she emptied all my pockets and car’s gloove compartment of all nuts before we set-off for the long drive to her mum’s home.

I had to endure that long drive without munching a single nut.

It is my ultimate punishment.

Normally when I’m driving alone,I munch some nuts now and then to keep awake-and I love them too!

We got to her mum’s all the same,but pangs of hunger were eating my guts inside-out.

Her mum was not expecting us,or her memory had failed her about a call we had made a day earlier about our visit.

My partner was distraught.

Her best forte is not exactly in the kitchen department,but she had to scrape up something in the kitchen for our lunch.

I was left humouring the old lady in the living room.

Set on a stool between our seats was this bowl with some nuts.

I invited myself to munch a handful as we touched base with the old lady.

She regaled me with stories about the weekend and how most of her grandchildren had visited earlier.

And how she enjoyed the chocolate bars that they brought along.

“I seem to have eaten all your peanuts. I suppose they brought you these nuts too”, I said as I munched a handful.

“Yes,but not exactly”,she said.

“That’s okay,” she says. “They would have just sat
there,without my

“You see,I love chocolate bars,but pity that I now can’t munch the embedded nuts in them. So I just suck out the creamy bar and leave out the nuts into that bowl. Luckily,you’ve had more use for them than I do”,she added to my horror!

Just some random thoughts that came to my mind….