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She was very dazzling when she smiled and waved at me
Her tiny palm so weak yet so beautiful
She found me at the carwash
My driver’s window was down
Soft classical Neil Diamond hit “Sweet Caroline” playing on my car stereo.

“She is out of my league”-
I told myself as she got out of her car;
Wait a minute!
It is not just a car…
It is a masculine cute monster of a 4WD
She is a lucky cutie.

Everything about her was very sexy and tiny
Her low cut blouse strained to keep her tiny mounds from busting out of her tiny chest
Her tiny waist
Her tiny hips
Her tiny feet in festooned beaded sandals
Her tiny mouth
Her tiny chin
A teen!

“I’m I joining the cue after you?”
She asked in her tiny voice
Sure,but yours can go before mine!
She smiled and said-“after…

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