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They laid him to lie on state over his bar counter.

His body looked waxen chocolate.
His cold hands neatly folded over his breast held a smooth stone.

He had never travelled much in his life,but through his patrons, he had covered the breadth and the width of this world.

He lived alone and tended his pub;
Always smiling as he laid out a drink on the table.
Nobody knew where he had come from or whether he had any relations.

But you wouldn’t have believed your eyes the day they moved his body from the pub to the church.

People started singing rebel songs of the drunks,but they were sober.
The queues stretched out on both sides of the road all the way to church’s door far back as anyone could see.

When they placed him in the slim coffin,there was a frightful hush of voices.
Six men hitched…

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