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Photo; Bulldozers collecting rotting bodies for mass burials in the Southern Sudan genocide

As ethnic massacres in South Sudan spiral out of
control and politicians lose their grip on rampaging
militias, only a concerted international effort stands
any chance of ending the four-month-old civil war,
analysts say.

The past week has been described by a senior UN
official as the “most bleak” in South Sudan’s short
history, with pro-government gunmen storming a UN
base in an attempt to kill thousands of terrified
civilians and rebels accused of conducting massacres
in churches, mosques and hospitals.

According to the UN’s top official in the war-torn
nation, Toby Lanzer, the country has now descended
into “a cycle of revenge” — barely three years after
the fanfare that accompanied its independence from

For John Prendergast, co-founder of the anti-genocide
Enough Project, only a “high profile initiative of the
international community” including the United…

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